Alright , hope this vid will be something interesting , but the topic is …..

How Harmonica Make the world Harmony ?

In conjunction with the theme of ‘Harmonise the World ‘ in this coming 9th Asia Harmonica Festival, the Harmoni Project hopes to gather harmonica players around the world to contributes ‘Harmony’ to the society in 2012 !

Well, we are not any Great Guru or Philosopher that can define the word ‘ Harmony ‘ , and we din’t have the right to force anyone to ‘ be harmony ‘, but just, start from this blog, we try to share what we think and what we feel about it. And at least … hope this ‘Beat box harmonica video’ above be a starter, the guy using his little harmonica to spreads music and interactive with people on the streets, creating fun, joyful and harmony between peoples, and this is what other instruments can’t do it ! BUT, this is not enough… what else can Harmonica Make the World Harmony ?




Welcome to the 9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, Malaysia! Please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at if there is any article or news related to The HarmoniProject or about harmony you wanted to share with everyone! Together we work for harmony!