Harmonicas for Health 口琴与健康 4


Ex. 6: One of the respiratory therapists in the Northern California hospital strongly argues that breathing of the morning air between 4 to 6 am is considered to be one of the best air qualities so that to try to get up at 5am, brush your teeth, pick up your harmonica, leave the house, walk around your neighborhood, and play your harmonica for 35 minutes. Three times a week for three weeks. These type of “early bird-harmonica players (EBHP)” testifies that they start their daily lives strong and finish strong.

The sound of the harmonica is very similar to the human voice so that it deeply touches our heart and soul. The harmonica uses the abundantly available air in the atmosphere free of charge. It generates the necessary air, while exhaling from the lungs, for the plants to breathe and grow. It creates beautiful sound and soothes suffering souls, and to give a robust health to people. Unlike any other musical instrument, harmonica is an unique wind instrument which in many cases takes more inhaling air to create drawing sound in addition to exhalation. Thus it gives power to the lungs for strong body on one hand and joy to the life of the players and the listeners one the other hand. It helps improve the health of all ages and prevent diseases. In a large sense it is beyond the musical instrument. It is also a health improvement instrument because it deals with the curative and preventive measures physical health, mental health and social well-being.


Health benefits of playing the harmonicas hope to help increase and expand the harmonica playing population in the world. It may also help contribute to fostering the world peace, solidarity, stability and sustainable development. International organizations like UNICEF, WHO, UNESCO or the World Bank are encouraged to participate in the harmonica promotion campaign especially poverty- stricken developing countries. Soldiers in the battle fields would love to have and play especially during the holy days or holidays, like Christmas. In order to gain more credibility and acceptability of the harmonicas health advocate among all of the players and the non-players, more rigorous scientific studies are needed. In doing so, a close collaboration between the Eastern medicine and the Western medicine is required in order to pursue the advancement and furtherance of harmonica popularity for health in the world. APHF2012 is believed to be an excellent means and avenue to bridge ever existing gaps.

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.” (Bob Dylan: world renowned harmonica player and a recent recipient of the Freedom Medal from US President Obama, 2012)

“Playing the harmonica– Making it as Healthy Life Style and Start Ever but Stop Never,” (Victor Yun: The Harmonicas for Health and Hope in Harmony International (4Hi, 2007)

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