APHF Harmoni Project 亚太口琴节和谐工程


‘ 和谐工程 ’ 是以一把小小的口琴,为这美丽的世界注入更多的欢笑,为社会注入更多的关怀,为每个人带来健康,为大自然带来平衡,从而把小小的口琴放到世界每个角落,参透到每个人的心灵里,我们的理念是,只要有心,一把小小口琴能改变世界。

`Harmony Project’ is a project specially catered for harmonica lovers. Through the music of harmonica, we are going to bring to the world lots of beautiful joys and lovely care. We want the world to experience the charismatic power of harmonica. We wish the small and miracle harmonica would reach every corner of the world and become part of daily life. We believe with determination, a small harmonica could change the world. Let come and join us to promote the activities of freedom of expression, creativity, love and harmony. Let’s hold hands and build a new miracle world is full of love and creativity.



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