The  9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival is coming near !

FunStage will be one of the main highlights of the event ,  the main activity in the funstage is ‘THE FUNSTAGE GAME ‘ that everyone can create your own stage, and creativity.

Other than that, there will be lot of activities like  ‘Jamin’ session ‘ with harmonica maestros, ‘borneo bamboo’, ‘wellness blessing with cancer friends’  that have some music games activities in it,  and also a ‘ harmonica flashmob ‘ at the shopping mall !

Funstage is to hope all the participant can enjoy the festival and having Fun with it , but the most important thing that we can’t lose it out, that will be the 9APHF theme – ‘Harmonize the world with harmonica’  ~

It is not an mission impossible this huge vision but just start from ourself , our heart. Starting with a balance of harmony by communication and interactive between people,  making friends, living peace with international people, harmonica music interactive with audience or also other instruments, and many more .

We can achieve the harmony vision in Physical, Social, Emotion and Spiritual.

The 9APHF will contribute to 2 beneficiary unit that is the IRCA (International Rehabilitation Cancer Association) and Glaucoma society. Let us give hope to the people and send our wishes to the world from our heart.

Cheers !  🙂

More info about the Funstage and how to involve , please check out http://www.aphf2012.com –>  Funstage content