What is the fascination of harmonica ? Except the 7 wonders of harmonica on above, there are still a lot of specialities of harmonica that other instruments would not able to do it !
•The original charm of harmonica – A light to carry, simple and small musical instrument that could resonate the surrounding crowd easily;
•At anytime or anyplace, one useful interesting and vibrant musical tool for social interaction displaying charismatic humor and comedy characters.
•It’s because of its special small and light features, harmonica artistes are thus be able to convey his music affection with better body expression besides building his prominent image and charisma.

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你知道口琴的魅力在哪里吗 ?  除了以上的 ‘口琴7 大奇迹’ 以外,它还蕴藏着其他乐器所做不到的特质 ! 

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