FunStage: THE FUNSTAGE GAME! 活力疯游戏

In conjunction with the theme concept of The 9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival – “Harmonise the World”, FunStage is one of the important highlights of the festival. The concept of FunStage is to gather participants around the world, make friends, share their talents, jam with music, spreading their love ~ The FunStage Game have 3 sections which are […]

FunStage: ‘FLASHMOB’快闪活动

  光明日报口琴快闪活动报导 –   9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival Flashmob Promote Video 第九届亚太口琴节口琴快闪宣传影片 youtube: 土豆: Before the Flashmob Starts, we arranged some harmonica performance at the Time Square’s foyer to warm up the crowd 口琴快闪活动之前,我们事先在时代广场大厅安排简单的口琴表演,以能够热场 Our Flashmobers are rehearsing at the 14th Floor…   而楼上则正轰轰烈烈地准备当中 。。。 They are practicing the Flashmob Dance before going into the ‘War’! […]

Wellness Blessing to Cancer Friends爱。祝福癌友会

The 9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival collaborate with 2 beneficiary unit which are International Rehabilitation of Cancer Association (IRCA) and Malaysia Glaucoma Society (Sight) The concept of “Wellness Blessing to Cancer Friends” is to deliver our wish and blessing to the cancer patients through the music & joy of harmonica~ 第九届  亚太口琴节有两个受惠团体 – 国际癌症康复协会(IRCA),青光眼协会(Sight) “爱。祝福癌友会” 的概念是透过口琴的欢乐与开心传播我们的爱与祝福给患癌的病人们~ ‘The Chicken […]