FunStage: THE FUNSTAGE GAME! 活力疯游戏

In conjunction with the theme concept of The 9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival – “Harmonise the World”, FunStage is one of the important highlights of the festival. The concept of FunStage is to gather participants around the world, make friends, share their talents, jam with music, spreading their love ~ The FunStage Game have 3 sections which are […]

Grand Talent达人音乐大汇演

                  The Stage of Harmony and Fascinating Talented harmonica performers will share their energetic harmonica arts with creativity and liveliness, bringing lots of joys to the audience! Meet harmonica lovers from wide age range and various harmonica performing art! 一个轻松活泼的音乐会,来自各国的口琴好手,将带来各种的才艺,展现他们的魅力与才华,各种形状的口琴,和千奇百怪的肢体语言,他们会创造出怎样的惊喜? Grand Talent is hosted by: “Fusion of […]