The objective of Harmoni project is to convene all harmonica music lovers to enable the world to become a better harmonized and beautiful entity through the power of harmonica music.

We hope to enable the harmonica melodious music could reach every corner of the world to share our love and our story. This is what the most important mission of harmonica in 2012.

On May 11, 2012 Friday, we started off with a small group of local harmonica music lovers together with one distinguished guest from Singapore. Though there were only 30 of us, we hope to amalgamate from here to begin extending to more places from Malaysia to every corner of the world.

Everybody began moving into the assembling venue to have some food and thereafter the convener started off the ice-breaking by making everybody self-introducing themselves. Thereafter we have Mr. Tammy, a well theatre stage-experienced and drama teacher, explaining to us how drama could build people empathy and enable mankind to light-up their creativities and brilliance.

The game started with `the big rice vat’ for ice-breaking the new grouping and followed with some circling warm-up dancing. The dance activity came with a take-turn leader doing some dance actions that must be impersonated by all other. This form of dancing really could easily warm-up the team through body actions and gives everybody a chance to become a leader and thereof a follower. The smooth flow of actions could really build some form of harmony energy that could lead everybody to creative imagination by using a simple little thing like pencil couple with some body language action and sound as riddle. A good way of testing everybody creativity and imagination power as well as one’s stage acting and presentation performances.

The floor is divided into three groupings. Some waste paper was provided and all are then required to look around for anything that could make sound and join up to compose some `orchestra’ music. Every group really stretched their abilities power and came up with fantastic result.

Towards the ending part, we played ball throwing game whereby no ball was to touch the floor. Each group members was only permitted of hitting the ball twice. The target points were set at minimum of 20 hitting.

Owing to time limitation for the assembling meeting, members were only able to have little exposure to such special experience. Nevertheless we were able to gain some learning from this harmony project. Hope some days later, there will be more chances for us to express our potentials to understand the real meaning of `Harmony’. Said is always easier than done. Harmony is just so beautiful and meaningful that no words could really describe and explain.

(More info about Harmoni Project will soon be posted )

Harmoni Project 是为了聚集口琴圈的人,一起用口琴音乐的魅力,让世界变得更美,更和谐。

我们希望让口琴的美妙声散播到世界各角落,分享我们的爱,我们的故事,我想,这应该是2012年,口琴人一个重要的使命 吧 ?


大家进场,吃东西,主持人开场,做个小介绍后,就把来自Tea 剧场的 Tammy老师请了出来。Tammy老师在舞台戏剧与戏剧教学有丰富经验,而这次希望透过戏剧活动,以体验的形式让大家可以感受到,人与人之间其实可以产生更多的火花和创意。

第一个叫 - ‘大米缸’ 的游戏,主要是让大家破冰和热身

接下来是热身舞蹈 - 大家围圆圈,轮流随着音乐带动舞蹈,而其他人必须模仿带动者的动作。这活动可以展开团员们的身体和情绪,也透过肢体与其他团员们沟通。每个人都是领导和跟随者,这样顺畅的流通,也可以说是创造和谐的一种能量 ~

‘万用品’ 想象活动 - 一支笔,可以把它想象成什么? 而又可以清楚地用动作和声音让其他人猜到你想象的物品 ~   这可以考大家的创意和想象力,还有表演和表达能力。

大合奏 - 现场之提供一些废纸,还有应用场内任何可能发出的声音,和自己的一组人,创作出一首‘交响乐’。 当场分了三组人,大家都创作出各组的精彩作品,也各展其才 !


虽然这次的聚会因时间关系,只能让大家体验到一点,但至少这会是一个和谐工程的小开始,日后还有更多火花和奇迹需要靠大家去发掘和实践的 ~

‘和谐’ 两个字,虽然说起来简单,但里边的确藏着的意义却是千百万种语言都说不完,且有许多美妙和不可思议蕴藏在内 !

Welcome to the 9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival, Malaysia! Please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at info@myharmonicaworld.com if there is any article or news related to The HarmoniProject or about harmony you wanted to share with everyone! Together we work for harmony!