Ambassador of Harmony 亚太口琴节和谐大使














毕业自英国 University of Hull,考获音乐硕士 学位, 是位全方位的音乐指导。
在前往英国继续深造之前,他已获得无数的 奖项,包括许多独唱比赛的冠军、各项歌唱比赛 的最佳伴奏奖及最佳指挥奖。
至今,他的国际表演及演讲足迹横跨了欧 洲、亚洲、非洲及东南亚等28个国家。
多次代表马来西亚入选被世界遗产、文教组 织 UNESCO 授予“和平大使”的世界青少年合 唱团(World Youth Choir ) 及亚洲青少年合唱团 ( Asian Youth Choir ),进行高水平的音乐交流与演 出并致力于推广世界和平的使命。目前是为数30 人的世界室内合唱团(World Chamber Choir)的固 定演唱员之一。随着该团于2009年10月的瑞典巡 回演出结束后,被正式提呈为2010年诺贝尔和平 奖的候选团之一。

Lee Shiak Yao’s Resume (Conductor, Vocalist, Pianist, Lecturer)
Born in 1980, Lee Shiak Yao is one of the most exciting musicians of his generation in Malaysia.
Since his early age, Lee Shiak Yao has shown remarkable talent in music and with great opportunities, he emerged as one of the most promising musicians in Malaysia.
Lee Shiak Yao’s career has brought him to more than 28 countries around the world and he had the privilege of landing himself on the grounds of Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia and South Africa.

杨师带老师今年97岁,仍然老当益壮。杨老 师喜爱拉小提琴、二胡、歌唱
及吹口琴,更擅长 跳交际舞。他常说:《享受音乐,就是生活在快 乐里。》
Master Yang Szi Tai is an elderly but strong and healthy 97 years old
man. He loves playing violin, erhu (a Chinese classical two-stringed
violin playing liked musical instrument), harmonica and singing as well
as ballroom dancing. His popular statement: `Enjoying music means
enjoying happy life’.










Kil Guang Zeng is an 8 years old North Korean boy. He now resides in Malaysia with his father who is on career assignment to Malaysia. Guang Zeng loves harmonica and he used to tell that: “The small little harmonica helps relieve my loneliness and keep me feel pleasant all this while.”

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